Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Learn the Rules

All riders are responsible to know and abide by the rules and regulations. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in immediate expulsion from the facility with no refund and will be held responsible for any damages caused.

Check in

Check in and pay entry fee at Concession Stand prior to parking and unloading. Everyone entering the facility must sign a wavier you can complete the waivers before hand to speed up your check in process.

Everyone 18 and over entering the facility must sign a waiver. Whether you are a spectator or particapant. Waivers must be completed and signed prior to parking and unloading at the Concession Stand.

Under 18 must also complete their own minor waiver, whether they are spectating or riding. A parent or legal guardian must complete and sign a minor release form for any and every minor, whether they are spectating or riding.


During an event new waivers must be completed.

These waivers are not available prior to the event and must be completed and signed upon entry. 

Single Rider

If you are coming to ride by yourself you must complete the emegergency contact form.

It is highly recommended to bring a friend, however we also understand the need to just ride. The Natural track may not be available, if you do not have a ride buddy or friend with you.


Do not drink and ride
Do not smoke and ride


If it is suspected by any of our staff that a rider has a concussion or signs of one the rider will not be allowed on the track

No Double Riders

No double riders on a bike on any of the tracks


Approved Off Road Helmets are required to enter the tracks. Helmets are also required while riding any type of bike off the track. 


Required gear to enter the track
Off road approved helmet
Riding Boots or Steel Toe Boots
Burn resistant pants
Long sleeve shirt

It is also highly recommended to have the proper Motocross riding gear which includes; Approved Helmet, Googles, Chest Protector, Jersey, Riding Pants, Boots, Gloves, and Guards. 

Bike Maintenance

Make sure your bike is in good working order before entering track

No one shall drain oil on the ground. All oil must be disposed of in proper containers. DO NOT put oil in our garbage cans. We do not take oil at this time.

Keep it Clean

On and off the track

Clean up after yourself. Do not leave garbage laying around. Make use of the garbage cans and dumpster.

Furry Friends

Pets are allowed

DO NOT leave your pet in your vehicle. Pets to be leashed. Please pick up after your pet

It's the Pitts

Slow Down

You are sitting on a powerful race machine and it is fun to go fast but you need to go slow off the track. Be aware of your surrondings.

It's the Pitts


This is not the place to practice your holeshots or your stoppies so no messing around in the pits or the parking lot

Entering and Exiting

Make sure you enter and exit the tracks through the designed areas. Make sure you are going the right way. Keep yourself and everyone else around you safe by holding a consistent path and not just veering off the track whenever you want. 

Holding your Line

If you are new to riding the track, try to be consistent as possible so others can predict your riding pattern. If you are a slow rider do not cut corners or jumps from one side of the track to the other, you will get hit from behind. Try to think of the track having multiple lanes and visually pick one and stick to it. 

No Cross Jumping

This is essentially holding your line in the air. It is evem more important when in the air. If you jump from one side to the other and someone is behind you, you run the risk of having someone land on you. Be predictable. 

Ride within your Abilities

If you are new, that is okay, just be comfortable with the idea that you are going to get passed by other riders. Stay within your comfort zone. Pick your line and stick to it.

Be Aware of your Surroundings

Make sure you are going the right way on the track. Do not stop on the track, pull off the track. Be mindful of others around you. Think, Be Alert, Dont get hurt.